Product security

High-density printed data storage datagrid

Our proprietary matrixcode is used as a security feature for product packaging and labels:

• Overt and covert: hide the feature in the background
• Zero production costs: embed into the graphic design
• Counterfeit-proof: based on physical unclonable features (PUF)
• Authentication by smartphone: use the datagridฎ reader app


Document and product security

Our proprietary matrixcode supports the creation of multilayer security concepts:

• Layer 1: encrypted data storage - identification
• Layer 2: embedded digital mark - copy detection
• Layer 3: physical fingerprint - authentication


Mass production

Our proprietary matrixcode is easily implemented into your production chain:
• embedded in the graphical packaging or label design
• printed using the available process colors
• printed by all modern digital or offset printing machines
• inline print quality control is not required