Our innovation partners
Engineering Office Benjamin Törl – Großheubach, Germany
IBT offers services and solutions in the area of industrial image processing, including
2D/3D inspection systems, smart cameras, embedded software engineering, automation,
and project consultancy.

Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques – Freiburg, Germany
IPM develops tailor-made measuring techniques, systems and materials for the industry.
Many years of experience with optical technologies and functional materials form the basis
for high-tech solutions in the fields of poduction control, materials characterization and
testing, object and shape detection, gas and process technology as well as energy systems.


Print Technology Center (PTC) – Offenbach, Germany
PTC provides ideal conditions to become acquainted with the best-in-class technology in
sheetfed offset printing. From development to marketability, the Print Technology Center
offers a comprehensive spectrum of interdisciplinary services: mechanics, electronics,
process engineering, and extensive know-how in prepress and printing.


Mannheim University of Applied Sciences – Mannheim, Germany
The Department of Information Technology is strong in the fields of application-oriented
R&D as well as in practice-oriented theory, and has been internationally active for decades:
an outstanding international master programme, double degrees with partner universities
abroad, exchange students on site and many others.


Medical Faculty of the Heidelberg University – Mannheim, Germany
Over 600 years of education and research in medicine have multiple implications for the faculty: tradition, experience, and a deep founded responsibility to conquer the incredible challenges that medicine of the 21st century presents. These challenges are faced in multiple ways: the establishment of central scientific institutions, of focus points in research, and of internal promotion and support of innovative research groups.


EINS - Entwicklung Interaktiver Software – Karlsruhe, Germany
EINS GmbH is a software company and a full-service provider of integrated, customized
internet services with a highly trained and experienced staff, particularly in the areas of
database systems, web-based solutions and content management systems.