About Epyxs

Innovation processes are far more collaborative than it have been in the past. Over the last decade most organizations have embraced more open innovation systems.

The reasons for this develop are simple: breadth and speed. Even the largest research centers have only a small fraction of the people and ideas available: the raw materials of innovation.

At Epyxs, we are specialized in collaborating in innovation projects by transferring proprietary technologies, acting as an outsourcing partner for technology development services, and providing innovation consulting.

Our focused sectors are biomedical and security engineering. Our technology competencies are digital signal and image processing, digital and analog electronic engineering, advanced data and systems analysis as well as mathematical modeling, digital simulation and control of complex dynamic processes.

As an outsourcing partner, we support our clients in all development phases of technology develpment projects: from feasibility studies, to design, implementation and testing, including the integration of the developments into their processes.

The search for ingenious solutions and their implementation is our greatest motivation. This requires a close relationship based on trust and absolute loyalty. Both can be expected from us at any time.

At the end of each project, our clients receive from us in-depth know-how in our specialization fields under strict compliance with the relevant quality standards. Absolutely "Made in Germany".